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Gouvernance and contacts

The project implementation requires of a strong governance:

1) A decisional/controlling body, the National Steering Committee (NCS),

2) An executive body, the executive committee which includes the governance board,

3) Four Advisory bodies: The international scientific board (ISB), the Stakeholders Committee (SC), the local users committees and the specific working groups.

4) The Management team (one project manager and two engineers) supports the executive committee for the day-to-day PHENOME management.


gouvernance en pol


Contacts :

Coordinators :

François Tardieu and Jacques Le Gouis


Nodes Leaders :

- Montpellier Controlled: Bertrand Muller & Claude Welcker

- Dijon Controlled: Christophe Salon

- Clermont field controlled : Vincent Allard

- Ouzouer field controlled :  Katia Beauchêne

- Dijon field : Xavier Pinochet

- Toulouse field : Philippe Debaeke

- Montpellier field : Romain Chapuis

- Nantes Omics : Benoit Jaillais

- Bordeaux Omics : Yves Gibon


Methodological projects Leaders (MCPs) :

- MCP1 : Sensorics, development of sensors and methods : Frédéric Baret 

- MCP2  Consistent distributed information system : Pascal Neveu / Cyril Pommier

- MCP3 : PHENO-MATH-INFO : Methods and tools for analysing phenotypic data Nadine Hilgert 


Project manager :

Pamela Lucas