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UMR1332 - Biologie du fruit et pathologie (BFP), Bordeaux


BFP focuses on fruit/seed development, metabolism and pathology, using approaches ranging from molecular biology to systems biology. It also hosts three IBISA labelled platforms: Transcriptome-Tilling, Plant Imaging (member of the Bordeaux Imaging Centre), and Métabolome Bordeaux (PMB, INRA-strategic platform). The latter pioneered French metabolomics and fluxomics, and recently launched the nearly unique metabolic phenotyping platform Hit-Me. BFP participates to several EU projects (including FP6 EU-SOL, FP6 ISAFRUIT and FP6 META-PHOR), leads FP7 SHARCO and participates to FP7 DROPS and FP7 INTEREST

Contribution to the project

Upgrade a metabolomics platform to increase sample throughput, and develop methods to quantify information-rich analytes, and perform meta-analyses on massive biochemical data to search for links between programming of metabolism and plant performance