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The large research unit (LRU) Agroecology gathers all the researchers and technical staff of INRA Dijon research units (LEG, PME, MSE, BGA and SEDE) and part of the AgroSup Dijon agronomic higher institute and the University of Burgundy. This LRU is organised in four research poles: i) ecology of communities and durability of agricultural systems; ii) genetics and environmental determinisms of plant adaptation to innovative cropping systems; iii) mechanisms and management of plant-microorganism interactions; iv) environmental microbiology and sanitary risks. It will conduct several transverse programmes: as for an example, “favourable plant-microorganism interactions for legume plants in order to maintain production under inputs reductions”. It will host two platforms (PPHD-Greenhouse and Genosol) and technical supports (in particular: biological resources); with privileged relations with the experimental Field Unit of “Domaine of Epoisses” and the Campus platform (Microscopy center, Genotyping and sequencing Service Center). In total the LRU ”Agroecology” will gather 230 permanent agents (INRA, uB, AgroSup, CNRS). The Terres Inovia field platform will be managed with the INRA experimental unit UE115.

Contribution to the project

Upgrade a controlled-condition platform. Develop innovative methods and equipment to phenotype the growth and architecture of root systems, in relation with environmental conditions and plant micro organisms.