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Access Pricing

The access pricing will be defined at the PHENOME infrastructure level, and will be progressively fine-tuned according to the services progress.


General rules

  • When the experiments implemented by the scientific staff of the platform are devoted to achieve methodological developments of PHENOME, their costs will not be billed to the access user.
  • When the experiments are carried out by the platform local teams within the framework of public consortia, only the costs of functioning and maintenance will be billed to the access user. The staff costs will not be charged.
  • When experiments are carried out by public-private consortia, costs charged to the access user will depend on the degree of implication of the local platform teams in the experiment.
  • When experiments are fully carried out by the platform teams for public or public-private consortia, the access costs will be totally charged to the user including the costs linked to the analyses of results. In the field, experiment pricing will depend on the type of measurements carried out.
  • The access pricing will depend on the experiment control degree and of the measurements required
  • The pricing of the experiments under controlled or semi controlled conditions using CO2 will depend of the amount of CO2 required.
  • Pricing will be progressively established according to the platform type on a basis of a global price plus personalized options varying according to the level of environmental control and of measurements required